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Who is she?

I have thought about writing this little about me page a hundred times. I love to make things, but this would be the perfect example of what I don’t like to make: talk-all-about-me-pages. Blech. As if I’m the only girl on earth who loves to decorate a room, create a party, share a space or make and eat amazing food with friends.

So for the record, I know I am not alone. There you are, you kindred spirit and creative soul. Everywhere I look I see your work, your words, your rooms, your food and celebrations. One of the best parts in discovering that I am not alone, is the amazing inspiration my life receives by sharing space here and there with you.

Aren’t we blessed beyond belief?

There was a time not long ago, when I laid down quite a few pieces of my creative being and pulled the expressions of me in close and guarded. Some of it necessary and some of it not, but all of it has lead me to the here and now.

Thanks to new days and new spaces, I’m finding my courage again. I’m taking with me some old and embracing the new, the best way I know how–by making it. All in all, I’m seeking, finding, creating and giving whatever it is in front of me my best shot.

My reasons for blogging are still the same, that there would be a record in some way of my days, a place to share the life others are constantly breathing into me, a place to create and discover something true and beautiful about you, about me and about the world around us.

So hi. My name is Heather, so blessed to be married to Tim. Both of us still shocked and amazed to be the parents of Cole (13), Ella (10) and Evie (1.5)

Thanks for joining me!


Ps. Contact me here.