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chef services & classes

picadillo tacos with tomatillo and avocado salsa | heatherbursch | shemadeitshemight.com

personal chef services

Over the last ten years, I have offered personal chef services in a number of different ways from helping clients host dinner parties of all sizes to meal prepping and menu planning according to clients’ dietary restrictions and food preferences. With my passion for cooking and my belief that healthy food can be delicious no matter what the limitations are, I love helping people find a way to eat that matches what they value and need.

My services as a chef in your home are customizable to you and your needs. Whether you want one dinner, help throwing a party or a week’s worth of meal prepping, there are options to make your life easier.

Services include an initial consultation to discuss dietary needs and preferences. Once we’ve built a custom menu and plan, I’ll come to your home and prep the desired food, package it up and do the kitchen clean-up. Groceries and ingredients can be provided by you or added to the services you order from me for an additional fee.

Turkey Burgers and Greek Chop-Chop Salad | shemadeitshemight.com | Recipes by Heather Bursch #shemadeit #mealprepping #personalchef #greeksalad #turkeyburgers #

menu planning & food coaching

Figuring out what to make and eat for a week is not easy. Add dietary restrictions, health issues, personal or family preferences, and money decisions to the picture and one can be overwhelmed.

With a 1-hour phone consultation, we can assess where you are at and what you need to make this area of your life more doable and enjoyable. This consult will help identify your goals, hopes and include a follow-up email with recipes discussed and ideas for you to get started.

kimchi & pickles cooking class | shemadeitshemight.com | Heather Bursch | #shemadeit #cookingclass #kimchi #pickles #howto #cookinglessons #personalchef #makingthings

cooking lessons & classes

Do you wish you knew how to throw a dinner party? Want to acquire a new cooking skill or learn how to make healthy cooking and eating a more natural rhythm in your life? As with my other chef services, you can request an in-home cooking lesson for yourself or a small group of people. We’ll customize the experience together based on what your food preferences are and what you’d like to learn. I’ll come in and teach the lesson ending with you or your group eating the prepared feast.

Popular Lessons & Class Ideas:

    • How-to Meal Prep
    • More Veggies Please
    • Kimchi and Pickles
    • Broths and Soups
    • Gluten-Free Dinners
    • Gluten-Free Desserts
    • Dinner Party How-to
  • Cooking Meat 101
  • Cooking with Kids (One of my favorites!)

picadillo tacos with tomatillo and avocado salsa | shemadeitshemight.com | recipes by Heather Bursch #shemadeit #dinnerparty #menuplanning #personalchef #foodcoach #mealprep

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