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prepping party and kitchen fails

Sunday night I hauled my produce over to Mindy’s house and we chopped together for our week. Prepping party. Solidarity. Inspiration. Sisterhood of the traveling husbands/brothers. Whatever you want to call it, it helped.

Here’s what I chopped for this week and it’s saving my life:

– 1 dozen boiled eggs

heatherbursch | shemadeitshemight | hard boiled eggs

– 3 very large sweet potatoes in small cubes for pan roasting
– cucumbers sliced to go with tuna or chicken salad on the go
– brussels and kale all washed, cut and prepped. (How much do I love that this is what Ella requested for her ballet camp lunch this week?)

heatherbursch | shemadeitshemight | chopped veggies for whole30

– a bright and spicy tomatillo green salsa for the week’s “special sauce”

heatherbursch | shemadeitshemight | tomatillo salsa

– cilantro washed and spun for I’m not sure what, but I’ve been using it like salt and pepper
– a batch of this lemony mustardy salad dressing
– extra steak from the weekend, grilled and sliced

heatherbursch | shemadeitshemight | steak pieces for whole30

– another batch of clarified butter and 6 oz measured out for the Bèarnaise sauce I was making last night – to go with some grass fed burgers and fried onions.

heatherbursch | shemadeitshemight | clarified butter for bearnaise sauce

This tarragon butter sauce part was going to be the highlight of my cooking week, I even told Mindy to come on over for this deliciousness. And she did so she witnessed the comedy of errors. It was a show of all my best multi-tasking skills really, reduced vinegar until it was gone. Started over. Melted the butter to a dark brown. Started over again. My blender starting spitting all over the kitchen so I quickly switched to whisk vigorously by hand. Ha! And it still all ended up curdled, all that precious clarified butter going down the drain. But we laughed a lot and I had a witness which is oddly helpful when a disaster strikes. There really was nothing more to do but move on and eat burgers with delicious fried onions, and mustard of course.

I really did think the sauce would take the win for the week. But even as I say that there is always a surprise when it comes to eating whole foods, it might be the unassuming side dish that satisfies the most. Tonight? Fried onions. Do not underestimate.

I’ll be back with more recipes from this week. That Béarnaise sauced up burger (if I am motivated to try again) and whatever I find to eat with my “special sauce” that’s worth sharing.








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