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the best laid plans

Last weekend I got away for a few glorious days. I had grand plans for not only girlfriend time but list making, writing time (uninterrupted), scheduling and getting my brain back maybe? Ha! I planned to use my return on Sunday night to pull it all together for the week ahead, I even had “chopping” on our family iCal. Not only was I starting my next round of Whole30, but Ella was starting a 3 week ballet camp, and Tim wasn’t traveling this week so I had plans for us all to get ahead. It was THE week to get July off to a great start. You know, those kind of expectations.

The girlfriend time was great as always, along with the walks, talks over wine and jumps in the lake. And 3 long sleeps were pretty darn good too. There is just something about having a bedroom all to yourself (and this isn’t about my husband) with NO ONE wondering if it’s time to get up until you decide to come out and go straight for the already made coffee. That is amazing as I write that.

But on day 2 I sat down to get at the big list and this is what opened on my laptop.

heather bursch | shemadeitshemight | purplish pink macbook screen

A very pink and purple fuzzy screen that no matter what I tried I could not figure out. I proceeded to spend too many hours in hopes of a solution but there really wasn’t going to be one. It did however put a bit of kink into my week of posting my Whole30 plan as mentioned here and here. Sigh.

All that was put into perspective as I sat with my family and relatives on Monday saying good-bye to a sweet uncle of mine named Keith. It felt too soon for this and I realized how very young 71 actually is.

heather bursch | shemadeitshemight | keithholmgren

Over the last week, the thing that stood out to me from the stories, mostly from my Dad who lost a beloved big brother, was that when you were with Uncle Keith he made you feel good about who you are. Everyone kept saying this in their own way. What a gift to offer the world really, that when people know you or meet you they leave believing in themselves a little bit more? My Dad said that as a child his big brother was like an accountant before he ever became an accountant, like he always seemed pretty comfortable being who he was – precise, generous, organized. Which this week just had me wondering what it would be like, everyone just walking around being ok with who they are and encouraging others to do the same. That is a sweet thing and something I’m taking with me from this week and remembering my Uncle Keith.

As for Whole30 round 2, I did start on Monday and it wasn’t really with a bang, more of an awkward jump into a very cold lake. I didn’t have my fridge stocked for more than a day so running out the door on Monday morning I grabbed a Lara bar just in case I needed it, and I did. While this is not a model kind of Whole30 week to write about, it’s good to know it’s not impossible even under less than ideal circumstances. And honestly I’m learning a little hungry isn’t the worst case scenario, it just motivates me to prioritize the grocery store even if it means I’ve been there every day this week so far, and I’ve had hamburgers twice.

My week has pulled me with it, along with the fact that my 2nd brain is with some magic Mac person behind a white door at the Apple Store. It’s such a mysterious place that Genius Bar if you’ve ever been there. I felt like I dropped my child (computer) off at camp and my heart hurt a little to leave and walk away. I’m serious. I’m surviving without my computer, but clearly not super well since I have a lot of how I do my day to day life on that thing.

BUT WHO CARES. I know this is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things and I’ll get my feet under me as soon as I can stop running to catch up to the week.

I know a few of you out there are starting a Whole30 (or a repeat) after the 4th and I honestly can’t wait to hear about it.

My next move? Clarified butter and breakfast favorites. Stay tuned for more.



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  • Betsy July 3, 2014, 7:50 am

    Fun to read Heather! I love how you take the positive outlook!

    • heather bursch July 4, 2014, 9:00 am

      Thanks, Betsy! You are so encouraging. 🙂

  • Jen Eck July 3, 2014, 8:15 pm

    Love this!

    • heather bursch July 4, 2014, 9:00 am

      I’m still thinking about that lake and breeze. I hope your 4th is really really great. 😉

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