Hi, I’m Heather!

I love to make things.

I’m a maker, creator, writer, and teacher. I love to try new things, which coincidentally means I’ve had a few fails in the kitchen (and every other area of my life, too!).

I live in Minneapolis, MN, and share life with my husband, Tim, and three kids, Cole, Ella, Evelyn, and Birdie, our mini-bernedoodle.

She made it. She Might. And how it all began.

Creativity has been a part of my life since the beginning. Cleaning my childhood bedroom was like an extreme home makeover. Making snacks was an art project, with saltines, pickles, and cheese slices arranged just so. During my teen years, inventing summer lunches and creative snacks for my younger brother, Ben, became my favorite pastime. He even awarded me my first and only food award, Best Macaroni and Cheese Ever!

In the following years, my working mom paid me to plan and create dinners for our family. Without Pinterest and Google for resources, I dove into church cookbooks and my mom’s recipe box. My passion for the process, from idea searching to the time creating in the kitchen, was ignited and remains my work and joy today.

About my professional experience:

After graduating with a BA in Education, I began teaching alongside four experienced teachers. These women not only mentored me in teaching the little humans in front of me but also to appreciate wine and good food and to take myself a little less seriously.

After seven years of teaching first graders, I transitioned from creating reading lessons to designing dinner parties, cooking as a personal chef, and teaching cooking lessons.

Now, as a personal chef and cooking instructor, I enjoy the following:

  • Teaching cooking classes to all ages and skill levels.
  • Planning parties and meaningful celebrations.
  • Consulting 1-on-1 with clients on meal planning and entertaining.
  • Creating recipes and solutions that make cooking easy, fun, and nurturing!

She made it safe and delicious!

Like many things in life, my story with food has evolved over the years. My older daughter’s health struggle as a toddler showed me the ways I’d also been chronically suffering for years. Learning together how food makes us feel has been a life-altering journey for our whole family.

Because I have Celiac disease, we have to be conscientious about gluten and maintain a gluten-free kitchen at home. However, the days when limitations mean less taste and fewer possibilities are long gone. This necessary restriction drives us to seek out the best-tasting food, whether eating out or recreating old favorite recipes in new ways.

Eating with an allergy has expanded our love and desire for good ingredients in all our cooking. This knowledge of our health and ability to be intentional is a privilege for my family, and I don’t take it for granted. While we strive to eat food that tastes great and feels good, we also want accessibility and possibility for others.

I don’t believe dietary limitations have to keep us from enjoying cooking and eating. Everyone deserves to experience the joy of delicious, nourishing food.

And what about you?

Lastly, for any of you looking to make eating and cooking easier and more fun, join our She Made It community by signing up for my newsletter. Here, I share the latest experiments SHE (me, he, or they) made and loved, what SHE might make, and the truth about what SHE won’t bother making twice. And because I learn so much from your stories, please share. I’d love to hear from you, too! If you make and post a recipe, mention @heatherbursch so I can admire your work!

Here’s to making the best memories and messes, which, of course, are the ones you can eat.

Also on my team …

Hi, I’m Ella!

You might recognize me from pictures on the blog or Instagram, though I’ve grown up and even updated my first post on the blog, Granola. I’m Heather’s oldest daughter, and I am thrilled to join the She Made It team as a contributing writer and content creator.

I’m studying dance and psychology at Butler University. When I’m not in the studio dancing, you’ll find me either with a book in hand or meal-prepping in my kitchen at school. Growing up as my mom’s assistant in the kitchen—whether for a family dinner, a personal chef client, or a cooking class—taught me invaluable kitchen skills, the importance of daily self-care, and countless opportunities to explore my creativity.

You’ll definitely see more of me around here, sharing my cooking adventures and creative endeavors. I’m excited to continue the tradition of making delicious food that brings people together, no matter your dietary needs.


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