Gluten-Free bakeries in Minneapolis plus a gem that delivers nationwide

Can you believe the progress that’s been made for gluten-free baked goods everywhere? And all the gluten-free eaters just said AMEN! As someone who struggled with chronic health issues for years before being diagnosed with Celiac disease, it’s been such a delight to discover local gluten-free bake shops as well as mail-order gluten-free bakeries that create baked goods as delightful as any gluten-filled counterparts. While I teach and cater to all dietary preferences, gluten eaters included, I don’t always have time to bake at home. Talk to anyone with an allergy, and they’ll tell you there’s nothing like feeling safe when eating something away from home. Here’s a list of my favorite gluten-free bakeries in Minneapolis and a must-try mail-order bakery that will ship sweet snacks to your door today!

Two artisan loaves of bread on leaning on the other on top of a marble counter.

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Gluten-free bakeries in Minneapolis are having a moment!

And I’m so here for it! When I first realized I needed to be 100% gluten-free, not one of these establishments existed. In truth, it almost makes me cry to think how much progress has been made on behalf of those with food allergies! Given that I’ve experimented and created recipes with many flops as part of the process, I know the work these bakers have gone through to find the best textures, tastes, methods, ingredients, and tips for storing their precious gluten-free creations. 

loaf of cherry chocolate sourdough bread from Heaven Gluten-Free Bakery

With no further ado, let’s get going on a best-of-bakery tour through Minneapolis. And if you live elsewhere in the United States, don’t miss #2 and #6 because these new favorites are ready and waiting to ship to your door right now!

Best gluten-free bakeries in Minneapolis and more!

With attention to taste, quality, service, and whether or not we would order again, I gathered up my and my family’s favorite gluten-free bakeries in Minneapolis and beyond, in no particular order. As a matter of fact, I’ve tried a lot of gluten-free food in our city! To be crystal clear, if I didn’t feel good after eating these gluten-free treats or thought the quality wasn’t up to par, it wouldn’t be on this list, okay? These restaurants are safe and delicious–my whole family of gluten and gluten-free eaters agrees!

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#1–The new kid on the gluten-free block:

South Minneapolis

Atuvava Bakery

We visited Atuvava for the first time on one of the hottest days last summer. Despite the heat, bakers baked, and dozens of us sweated in long lines out the door! After tasting their glorious bread, turnovers, and various treats, we understood why. Their light and airy gluten-free sandwich bread and crusty but tender baguettes are a revelation, and the loaves are “normal-sized” (IYKYK). Likewise, the warm, gooey cinnamon rolls, soft cookies, and creamy light scones are irresistible! This small but mighty gluten-free bakery offers baked goods everyone will love, making sandwiches, bruschetta, and morning toast truly wonderful again.


Know before you go to Atuvava:

  • Map: Google Maps
  • Website:
  • Contact info: Email or DM on social
  • Social: Instagram
  • Days and Hours: Thursday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Bread available after 1 p.m.)

Ella’s take on Atuvava!

FAV: I love the baguettes!
PROS: The best-toasted gf bread I’ve ever had.
WISH: For more open days of the week.
TIPS: Get there 15-20 minutes before it opens for the best selection.

#2–How to get gluten-free treats right to your door:

Springville, Utah

Good Hope Bakery

This gluten-free bakery delivers nationwide within 1-3 days via priority mail! Along with all bakeries on this list, their facility ensures celiac-friendly treats made with certified gluten-free oat flour and simple, natural ingredients. Tim’s favorite is the Snickerdoodle with its perfect cinnamony flavor. Meanwhile, Evie loved the s’mores cookie, and I can’t choose between the Snickerdoodle and chocolate chip! Surprisingly, the desserts taste like they were just made, but that’s because they were! They ship the same day they are baked. Good Hope Bakery is perfect for sending desserts to yourself or someone you love near or far. Without hesitation, I recommend you try them today—you won’t be disappointed. Check out this incredible deal for your first order!


Know before you order from Good Hope:

Evie’s take on Good Hope!

FAV: S’mores cookie!
PROS: Perfectly soft cookies that don’t crumble when you eat them!
WISH: I wish I didn’t have to be patient, but they’re worth the wait!
TIPS: Order right now, and you’ll have them by the weekend!

#3–A gluten-free Minneapolis bakery staple:

South Minneapolis

Sift Gluten-Free Bakery

I have great affection for Sift; it was my first bakery experience with a dedicated gluten-free kitchen! Therefore, it’s become our go-to for donuts ever since. Sift made me believe good gluten-free bakes were possible, inspiring me to try more at home, too. They offer everything from cinnamon rolls, donuts, and cakes to pizza crusts and focaccia. In addition, we love their take-n-bake cinnamon rolls and frozen crusts + the pull-apart rolls, as well as focaccia bread for holidays like Thanksgiving. Wait, don’t leave without a Scotcheroo bar—a brown rice crispy treat made with sun butter, dark chocolate, and sea salt! Also, Sift is peanut-free, with many dairy-free options and a few egg-free and soy-free items. Lastly, you can order ahead online for same-day pick-up, pop in if you are nearby, or find their goodies at local coffee shops and food stores like Dogwood Coffee.


Know before you go to Sift:

Heather’s take on Sift!

FAV: Cinnamon rolls and chocolate donuts for sure + they make a real matcha latte at their drink bar!
PROS: Open six days a week
WISH: For more bread, buns, and baguettes!
TIPS: Source them for holiday favorites and finish your online order early!

#4: Sweet and savory gluten-free treats in St. Louis Park:

Western Suburb of Minneapolis

Hold the Wheat

Hold the Wheat is a charming takeaway bakery specializing in sweet and savory options like gluten-free cakes, turnovers, quiches, tarts, biscuits, “bars,” pies, and cookies. What a list! After starting as a side hustle, it grew into a family biz, and now they’re opening a second location in Portland, OR! Hold the Wheat offers vegan options, a few dairy-free, as well as espresso, coffee, and tea drinks from their drink bar. We especially love their unique buttery, flaky “snuggle pies,” a pastry with breakfast sausages tucked inside. Their sweetie and sunrise pies have also sweetened our table for family birthdays and special occasions.


Know before you go to Hold the Wheat:

Tim’s take on Hold the Wheat!

FAV: The snuggle pie
PROS: Closest to us!
WISH: I wish they had cinnamon rolls!
TIPS: Check their active Instagram for news on what’s baking!

#5–A gluten-free sit-down haven in Burnsville:

Southern suburb of Minneapolis

Olivia’s Organic Cafe

Olivia’s is an entirely gluten-free restaurant with a large bakery case full of daily goods. Altogether, Olivia’s caters to those with celiac disease, autoimmune concerns, allergies, and those who prefer organic foods. Specifically, their menu is fully gluten- and peanut-free, with the option to make everything dairy-free. In addition, they use organic, non-GMO produce and humanely raised nitrate- and hormone-free meats. Enjoy breakfast pastries like cinnamon rolls, caramel rolls, muffins, and donuts, as well as a variety of tarts, cookies, brownies, cakes, and more. If you dine in, I suggest you try their homemade English muffins for breakfast sandwiches or the homemade fried chicken & waffles. They also offer specialty cakes and catering services, so take a look for your special event needs.


Know before you go to Olivia’s:

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#6–Artisan and allergy-free gluten-free bread delivered:

Pick-up in multiple Minneapolis locations + Delivery too

Heaven Gluten-Free

Heaven Gluten-Free Bakery offers a solid array of gluten-free bread options available by local pick up or delivery nationwide. Their sourdough gluten-free bread is perfect for toast, boasting a soft interior and artisan crusty exterior. The cherry chocolate bread is a treat, enjoyed plain or swiped with butter, so yum! Instead of traditional yeast, they use a GF starter and a natural fermentation process. In other words, Heaven is an allergy dream because their products are celiac-safe, vegan, and free from soy, peanuts, milk, eggs, and wheat. I don’t know how they do it, but they do it so well. These handcrafted and beautiful breads are made with attention to wholesomeness and quality ingredients. Give it a try–your taste buds will thank you.


Know before you order order from Heaven:

FAQs: Finding and eating at gluten-free bakeries and restaurants

Look for certification on the packaging, a commitment to being a dedicated gluten-free facility, clear ingredient transparency, and positive reviews from other customers with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivities.

Ask if they have a dedicated gluten-free kitchen and if you can see their list of ingredients. If you or someone you are buying for has Celiac disease, a bakery that has a shared kitchen with gluten products is not 100% Celiac safe. As someone with Celiac disease, I am very cautious with bakeries because flour is airborne, and it would be very tough to have a shared kitchen in a safe environment, even with strict protocols and the best of intentions.

A gluten-free product is made without gluten but might be made in a shared kitchen. In contrast, a gluten-free kitchen exclusively uses gluten-free ingredients and has strict protocols to prevent cross-contamination. If I am buying a packaged gluten-free product, I look for the gluten-free symbol as an assurance it was made in a gluten-free kitchen.

Not always. To ensure products are gluten-free for an allergy, they must be made in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen to avoid cross-contamination or look for certification verifying they contain less than 20 ppm of gluten as required for testing.

Cross-contamination occurs when gluten-free foods come into contact with gluten-containing foods or surfaces. This can happen during preparation, cooking, or storage, making the food unsafe for people with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivities. Ensuring a dedicated gluten-free environment and using separate utensils and equipment helps prevent cross-contamination.

Yes and no! As someone with Celiac disease, I still ask servers and restaurant owners questions about their protocol, kitchen practices, cross-contamination with equipment and fryers, and ingredients. If the chef and staff can assure me of safe protocols, I trust myself to decide based on their answers and knowledge. This is best done by phone or email ahead of time. Regarding bakeries, I ensure it’s a 100% gluten-free kitchen because of the flour issue mentioned above in question #2.

Search online, use apps like Find Me Gluten Free, read the reviews to determine your comfort level, ask for recommendations in gluten-free communities and blog posts, and check local co-op grocery stores and farmer’s markets for groceries and clearly marked products. When in doubt, reach out or call to confirm! This offers me peace of mind every time.

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