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As a young adult in the mid 90’s, (when the majority of my friends were like 10!) I started this little collection of inspiring thoughts and things to make or decorate with.

Somewhere in the 2000’s, I moved up to plastic sleeves and a collaged 3-ring binder to collect all my recipes. So fancy.

And then in 2010 or so, along came Pinterest. Oh Pinterest. I love you and you are brilliant, but I have no time for you, until last January that is. I was laid up for a few weeks, and one day while getting acupuncture I found myself with a little time to start pinning. I was actually getting pinned when I first pinned. Weird and true.

I pinned this:

It was the shade of yellow doilies and the magenta yarn together that caught my eye. And just the fact that any bunting or swag makes me want to plan a party. That’s what happens when you have needles in you and Pinterest time on a pillow? Inspiration. Makes me want to go back right now, and I’m not sure what that says about my life. But inspiration came and that was the awesome part. Something I’ll keep discovering the “how” about for the rest of my existence, or at least this blog.

Thank goodness I pinned it because it only took me 3 more months to break the creative lull I’d been in. And frankly I NEED Pinterest for just this reason. Left to myself, I cannot retain all the information my life requires these days. You know the youngish friends I mentioned already? Well, I’ve seen that look in their eye when I’m talking and forget my next word. I just want to say to you peeps now, hang with me honeys. One day I will be a comfort to you and you will know exactly what I’m talking about, or forgetting to talk about. You will. 1,2,3,4 babies later and a few years under that cute belt you are wearing, and you will know what. I. mean. Thank heavens you can all read between my pauses.

I digressed.

Ok so back to the inspiration, the urge, the creative burst of energy? It came again with our Ev’s first birthday and I remembered that marigold color with magenta. Love. And there it was saved for me on Pinterest – no rummaging through my brain needed.

First, I went to Michaels and while they did not have my desired yellow in spray paint, I did however find this adorable mini paint roller from the Martha Stewart line, marigold paint and magenta yarn.

I rolled mini white doilies like this, front and back with approximately 20 minutes to dry before flipping them over. It went on super easy and not even one bit messy with this amazing little sponge roller. The paint looks bumpy but dries super smooth, just like a wall. Such even coverage. Love again.

I let is dry, folded each round in half and then unfolded to hot glue a couple dots to attach yarn inside the fold. I left 3 to 4 inches of slack between each doily.

Done and hung.

A little baby bunting to give this party a home.

Just one inspirational piece to celebrating a happy first year with our little Evelyn.

For a peek at more buntings, swags and garlands that I’m starting to collect, see here. If you have one to share, please leave me a comment with a link so I can pin it!

in·spi ·ra·tion
the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something,
a sudden brilliant or timely idea




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  1. i am LOVING your original inspiration binder and thinking i should flip through it sometime. or maybe we can swap?

    a confession: i also have one. but wish it could be as cute and functional for me as my pinterest boards. maybe this is an entirely separate discussion, but wouldn’t it be so cool to design a binder like this that categorized all of your favorite things? cute recipes, inspiration for clothes and home decor in their own places, sweet gifts to give and great ways to wrap, etc. i am always drawn to office supplies, binders and the like, but have yet to see something that crosses all of these categories.

    anyway, i’m loving this post, 1 year old Ev and seeing your writing up here! looking forward to many more great things to read.

  2. Thanks, K. I love binders too, clipboards, bulletin boards, or how about a whole wall. Yes, see now I’m inspired! I’d like a real live Pinterest wall in my house but then I would no longer have a dining room. 😉

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