blue cheese and leek toasts

Gather your people, find a cabin, pack the car, bring Brene and just get out of Dodge.

Though we hardly cracked our Brene books, we brought our stories and we told them–our shame and our secrets. Sounds heavy and maybe it was, but with a long road before us and the big lake to look at, there was time and space. And turns to take. Thank heavens there were turns to take.

We pulled into our getaway 5 hours north, hid the ugly pillows, lit the candles, draped a tablecloth from home and poured Jen’s signature drink into the only three glasses we could find.

All of this had nothing to do with me, just nothing so far, people. I kept looking around at the lovely friends, the cabin rescue experts. I may have crinckled up my nose and made an “are you sure?” face about going north in Minnesota once, and these ladies took it upon themselves to show me a thing or two.

Before nightfall, leeks were being sliced and cooked in butter.

You know when you just know, that something special is going to take place? Butter, leeks, candles, the best company ever and the sound of the waves hitting the shore? While I was pretty certain this was going to be incredible from the begining, the smell of leeks in butter took away any possible doubt.

Thank you, ladies, for our unforgettable shame free weekend.

And thanks Lynds and Smitten for the snack of the season. I’ve made a version of this toast by memory at least 5 different ways this past spring and summer, and for me this season isn’t over. Fall and leeks sound amazing right now, don’t you think? You just go stack some blue cheese and leeks on warm toast and it’s going to make you very happy. I promise.

Blue Cheese and Leek Toasts
adapted from Lynds who adapted from Smitten Kitchen

2-3 Leeks
1 baguette
2 -3 ounces of blue cheese
olive oil
salt and pepper

Take your leeks, tips sliced off, and cut through the middle of the white part lengthwise, up to the greens, leaving the greens unsliced and connected. Run the white parts under water to clean out the dirt and sand leeks hold on to from the ground.

Slice up the leeks. Melt butter and olive oil in a medium pan until sizzling and add leeks. Salt and pepper your leeks as they sauté for about 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionaly. Add a little more butter, oil or seasoning as needed. When leeks are soft and golden, pull off heat and let rest.

Meanwhile, slice baguette into 1/2 inch thick slices and lay out on a cookie sheet. Toast one side lightly. Flip the toasted side down, and lightly butter the soft side or brush with olive oil. If I’m keeping it light, I’ll skip the butter or oil. Either way, broil again until lightly toasted so that edges don’t get too done. You have one more broil to go!

Sprinkle on blue cheese crumbles or thin slices of cheese on each toast. Broil one last time until bubly and cheese just softens.

Top blue cheese toasts with warm leeks (reheat if necessary.) If you like, sprinkle your plate of toasts with some fresh blue sprinkles for added flavor here and there.

And just tonight, I made a few with Udi’s white gluten free bread and slightly burnt leeks (Oops!), but I  loved  it. I mean, just as good. And I promise I won’t just say that. Just as good.

If you make it, I’d love to hear about it.

Enjoy, and pass it on!

Vulnerability begets vulnerability, courage is contagious. – Brene Brown


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  1. Favorite post #2. SO GREAT. If coming back to earth post baby means I finally take in and savor every morsel of this blog, the heavens will have heard my cry. Can we go back now, please?

    I may have to make these tonight in the name of practicing gratitude.

    1. Lynds, so sweet and yes, can we go back right now? And I’m so glad you commented so I can be reminded to buy leeks and blue cheese, I need to have these soon. Gratitude back to you for this and many other things. 🙂

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