Thanksgiving Menu Ideas for 2017

Perhaps you saw me numbering things on my Instagram story this weekend. Well, that was just me basically brainstorming what I was planning for Thanksgiving. It ended up with me asking for you to vote on my dessert dilemma. I mean is dessert ever really a dilemma on Thanksgiving? Nope, just a given.

Results for dessert below!

And since I am hosting this year, it’s going to be a classic mix of old and new. Here’s the list, the links, and if you were sitting at my table (I wish you were!), this is what we’re passing.

  1. Jaime Oliver’s Oven Roasted Turkey and Stuffing -Best part? You’ll stuff a sausage, chestnut, apricot, bacon, rosemary stuffing between the skin and breast meat to keep the meat moist, and each piece that cut has a layer of delicious stuffing, crunchy skin, and juicy meat. It’s our favorite.
  2. Ina Garten’s Classic Mashed Potatoes – Easy, delicious, and can be kept warm by placing the mixer bowl over a pan of simmering water for up to 30 minutes.
  3. Make-Ahead Gravy from Bon Appetit – I’m in love with this pro-tip. I’ll use my chicken stock from Sunday and cornstarch to keep it gluten-free. (I changed my mind on the cornstarch, see note below!👇)
  4. Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Brown Sugar Pecan Topping from Bon Appetit 1997! I first made these ten years ago, and no one will let us stop bringing them. Oh well, twist my arm, it’s on the menu, and my mom is making them. Best part? The topping! For the whipped sweet potatoes we cut the sugar in half, and we don’t pack down the brown sugar for the topping. 😉 It’s not needed!
  5. Simple Salad – greens, roasted pears, toasted pecans, blue cheese, and dried cherries or cranberries. I’ll use this easy lemon dressing. Toss a mix of your favorite greens with dressing and fill a large platter. Top with these roasted pears (different salad), slices of blue cheese, toasted pecans, dried cherries or cranberries if you wish. I’ll drizzle more dressing to top it all. Best part? I’ll make dressing and pears one day ahead.
  6. Smitten Kitchen’s Green Bean Casserole with Crispy Onions Ella’s request and find. She’s making it gluten-free by using my crispy shallots on top instead of the floured onion ring type pieces in the original recipe, and we’ll sub cornstarch for thickener. (I changed my mind on the cornstarch, see note below! 👇)
  7. Bread – the jury is for sure out on this! I’ll see how my Tuesday experiment goes with gluten-free artisan bread.
  8. Cranberry Chutney – From a last-minute text query to my family, I see that they DO like cranberries, so since I asked (don’t do this after today) I added this highly rated chutney to my list. It turns out all I needed to put on my list was cranberries. Done.
  9. Dessert: The winners from my Instagram story poll were the Pumpkin Custard Pie from Martha Stewart and Ina Garten’s French Apple Tart. The pumpkin will be new to us, and the apple tart is a family favorite we haven’t had in a few years. I’ll be making both twice, one gluten-free and one regular.
  10. Beverages – Tim, handing this one off to you, ok? A fall released Beaujolais Nouveau or cranberry punch with options for a little spirit? You decide.

What am I missing, friends? Nothing I hope, I feel stuffed and satisfied already. Tag your delicious food pics with #shemadeit or #hemadeit on Instagram, so I can see what you are making for 2017. I’ll be looking for you. 😉

Happy Thanksgiving!


*Last Minute Notes: If ever I need to thicken something for gluten-free, I’ve usually whisked a little cornstarch and water and added at the end. I don’t worry too much about making a gluten-free roux as I’m not trying to replicate something, but more maintain a great flavor of drippings or sauce even if it’s runnier. However, I see that both my gravy and green beans recipes call for a technical roux. I did some last minute research (oh Heather), and it seems that sweet rice flour or King Arthur’s Multi-Purpose Flour rises to the top for gluten-free flours that thicken into a roux when cooked with fat to thicken. I love learning from another’s experiments. I’m going to grab both at my last minute grocery store run today and see what comes! May the force be with anyone going back into a grocery store today. 🙏


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