a bunting made from Instagram photos

We (I mean Tim and Evelyn) finally took down the Christmas tree, shoved the dry thing out the door and swept up 1 million needles. And then we (I mean mostly I) sat in our living room and had feelings.

christmas 2014

This tree really fit us this year.

It was sparce in needles and a tad bit forlorn as I like them to be.

charlie brown tree

It pulled our highs (and goals met!) into a string of pictures from my last year’s Instagram Feed,

Grand Marais Family Vacation

hosted a very anticipated cousin overnight,


was the backdrop to a few hard goodbyes,

goodbye party

and a favorite place for Ev to tea and talk with her imaginary friends.

tea parties by the Christmas tree

A few seconds gone and it just felt a little empty and cold in here. Or perhaps the honest reality of January decided to set in. But it’s all going to be ok. Day 4 with no tree and I’m warming up to the empty. I even kept a box of household stuff in the basement for now.

I did however hang that string of 2014 highs on the chalkboard wall. They were never meant to just be Christmas decor.

Instagram picture bunting

I love that a year turning over asks you to look back for a bit, a chance to take the good and leave behind the clutter, to say in at least one context: it was a good year and this is why.

social print studio

For a few years, I’ve been curious about putting pictures on my tree in some way but didn’t love the idea of framed ornaments, and regular photos seemed flimsy. Until I ran across the company, Social Print Studio. They connect to your Instagram and send you these not-flimsy, white trimmed, cutie pie squares. I picked 24 pictures from my Instagram feed and it became a year in review for our tree. Click and done for about $12.

Since I won’t physically, emotionally and creatively be capable of repeating this exact tree next year, I never can, I’ll have to figure out other uses for pics in 2015. I am going to be printing again and again. I love them.

chalkboard wall

These squares would be great for a birthday party swag or baby bunting – a year of growth strung together, a stack tied in twine for a friend or grandma, or a collage tacked to an empty wall.


Oh and I bought the mini-magnets too.


Happy day 15 of 2015!


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