last minute Thanksgiving recipes

Need a quick idea for your Thanksgiving share or post-turkey day gathering? Here are my top 5 favorites:

1. Jaime Oliver’s Best Turkey

heatherbursch | shemadeitshemight | Jaime Oliver's Best Turkey

Tomorrow I am literally going over the river and through the woods with this one. Why you ask? First, my mom’s new house has an oven the size of a hotdish so I offered to bake and bring the 18 lb bird this year. Secondly, I love this turkey. It’s been a winner all 3 times I’ve made it. (Even when I accidentally stuffed and cooked it upside down!) This turkey is juicy every time and the stuffing-the-skin method is genius. Use this conversion chart to change liters to cups if needed. As Jaime would say, give it a go!

2. Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Brown Sugar-Pecan Topping

whipped sweet potatoes

Every year the relatives ask me to bring these sweet potatoes. I think you should know it’s 100% dessert that will sit very kindly on your plate. (I for sure cut the white sugar in the whipped potatoes by half!) I’m sincerely glad that I get forced to bring it every year. I have tried to deviate with other sweet potatoes but it’s tried and true, and the family begs it back. It also might be the only recipe I make that has cereal in it. Noted.

3. Kale and Brussels Salad

shemadeitshemight | heatherbursch | kaleandbrusselssalad

I made this salad a few years back for our Friendsgiving, and you know I fell hard for it in 2014. The sheep’s milk parm and the sautéed almonds make this divine. I love it as a Thanksgiving side dish because it’s fresh and crunchy. Make this one tomorrow and you will start craving it all year long, trust me.

4. Cranberry Hand Pies

One of my favorite Friends-giving food memories includes sitting by the fire on Irving Avenue a few years ago. I remember more than 1 guy in a plaid shirt sitting on the couch groaning over these hand pies and reminiscing their pop-tart days. Who does not actually want a homemade pop-tart? These are sooooo fun and festive.

5. Pumpkin Cheesecake

heatherbursch | shemadeitshemight | pumpkin cheesecakes

I am not a pumpkin pie fan. I’m sure there is a pumpkin pie out there that could convince me otherwise but I’m uninspired to try. Pumpkin cheesecake? Absolutely and yes please. This recipe can be gf with gluten free graham crackers, crustless if you wish or made just as it is. Yum.

Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are!







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