Whole30 and me, and maybe you?!

Sometimes all roads lead to Rome. And this past spring my Rome was Whole30.

Whole30 is a personal reset and food experiment omitting sugar, legumes, alcohol, grainsdairy and choosing only whole foods for 30 days. (Click on each link to read why these have been omitted!)

While I am open to new ideas and challenges, I also respect all that I’ve learned about my own body over the years. So the thought of just trying something for 30 days felt positive, actually possible and personal for me in the end. I actually had the exercise thing happening consistently in my life for once, but I had some persistent issues that continued to pester me: my joints, my energy, my sleep and my weight. For as much as I am opposed to diets for many healthy reasons, this thing framed as a reset made me say the following upon hearing it, “How can I not try this at least once in my life?” So I paused for 2 seconds and realized this just happened to be as perfect and horrible a time as any.

I finished the Whole30.

To really understand what the program is and isn’t, I found the Whole30 website super easy to follow, helpful, and free. There were no catches to this, and that was huge for me. Facts and information. I can’t stand gimmicks and false promises. This felt realistic and in line with what most of us have already researched and learned about foods that aren’t so helpful, but it was pulled together and all in one place. So helpful.

While I’ve remained mostly Whole30 for the last month since I finished round 1, I found going off just as informative as being on. This past month has been a huge process for me and I keep learning. Stay tuned tomorrow and the days to come, I’ll be sharing more about what I learned specifically for me if you are interested.

In the meantime, if you are up for joining me as I’ve decided to do another round, check out the website and the book, It Starts with Food by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig.

itstartswithfood by dallas and melissa hartwig

Whether you start when I do or not, it does not matter. I’d love to hear from you. Go ahead and comment, private message me on Facebook, or email me!

My plan for round 2:

Start date: June 30 (I like to start things on Mondays!)
End date: July 29
Tentative meet-up date: July 9th place tbd

Prior to starting, and each week thereafter, I am going to share my basic food and prep plan for the week to come. It’s not complicated but prepping was my key to success round 1. Depending on who joins me, I’m also hoping to have a mid-Whole30 meet-up to chat (and to drink some kind of special water!) while we give each other high fives and tons of empathy.

Let me know if you are in for your first or second or whatever!


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  1. Hey there…thanks for posting the links. It makes it easy to get an introduction. FYI…the link to alcohol takes you to grains instead of alcohol. I was able to get to alcohol by using one of the other links and finding it, but thought you’d want to know about the link. 🙂

    1. Thanks for speaking up! It’s fixed. It was meant to be helpful not annoying so thanks for telling me! 😉

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